Activism is one of the key factors that has contributed to political and societal change through the use of campaign methods to influence the course of action within an organization or a geographical area.

The role of students in influencing political processes and ideas has been significant globally and has also created a learning space for young people who aspire to do politics in the future to learn governance processes, activism and many more especially at the tertiary levels of education.

During every academic year, students on different campuses have the opportunity to elect group and school leaders to enable them give opportunity to competent youth leaders that can be able to manage them effectively by addressing major issues of concerns on their behalf on campuses in general and within their groups.

This year, students on Africa University College of Communication (AUCC) campus Accra will have the opportunity to go to the polls again in about a month to decide who they seem competent and efficient to lead them this academic year, 2021/2022. Where the winning team would have the opportunity to make meaningful changes on their campus with the good ideas they have got while also addressing major concerns of students hence making the school environment a more conducive place for teaching, learning and other engagement.

Over the weekend, the Tertiary Education Students Confederacy (TESCON) group on AUCC campus had the opportunity to meet again at Asenema water falls in the Eastern Region of Ghana – Akuapim North as a group to table out a number of actions to be taken as well as to introduce their newly elected executives to the entire membership. This also gave an opportunity to TESCON members aspiring to be SRC executives to introduced to the membership where they shared reasons why they are the best candidates for their various portfolios and the need to be supported and voted to power for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Some of the aspiring SRC candidates within the TESCON group present at the meeting were the aspiring SRC President Samuel Agyakwa Okodie, aspiring WOCOM Emmanuella Yeboah, aspiring Organizing Secretary Florence Mensah, Welfare Representative Susana Quaicoe, Precious Osei – External Affairs, Frederick Appiagyei – Financial Position

Aspiring SRC President Samuel Agyakwa Okodie

Welfare Representative Susana Quaicoe

Aspiring WOCOM Emmanuella Yeboah

Aspiring Organizing Secretary Florence Mensah


Precious Osei – External Affairs

Mr. Joseph Jones Nomocle who is a member of the TESCON group and also doubles as an outgoing SRC Organizing Secretary urged members present to be serious with their academics on campus, learn to network and take advantage of all useful and important activities on campus to enable them to be abreast with campus information. He further encouraged members present to support all SRC aspirants within the TESCON group in order for them to win elections.

Mr Nomocle while speaking to mentioned that he is always ready to assist and share ideas he planned to implement but was unsuccessful due to the Covid-19 during his time in office as an Organizing Secretary in order to raise the standard of the portfolio of SRC Organizing Secretary Position on AUCC campus.

Mr. Samuel Agyakwa Okodie who happens to be the General Secretary of the AUCC TESCON group and an aspirant for the position of the SRC President while speaking to stated that working for students is not an easy task but with dedication and commitment, he will play his role by making sure that all the grievances of students on campus are well addressed and communicated to the appropriate offices for redress in order to help boost the image of AUCC hence making it the best communication school in Ghana.

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