Every year Amnesty International collects signatures from the public and does some human rights education to support persons or victims whose rights have been infringed upon. Such victims whose rights are being infringed on are not only Amnesty International members but also citizens from different countries world wide whose rights are being or have been infringed on by their States officials and many more. 2019 saw a number of signatures collected in various countries to support such victims.

Some signatures were also collected to support 2019 Write4Rights at All for Christ Preparatory School in Accra some few days to Christmas. These students did not only pen down their signatures to support this good course but also were educated on their rights and responsibilities as students.

Amnesty international is a global movement of about 7milion people who take injustice personally and campaign for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. They exist in more than 150 countries worldwide and are independent of any religion, economic or political ideology.


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